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Deathspank Discussion

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Deathspank is scheduled to release any moment now. When it finally does, discuss!
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  • I love how Kotaku calls it a sequel when both endings to Thongs of Virtue make it pretty clear that The Baconing has to be a prequel for the story to make any kind of sense.

    Yeah, but there was this one game series a few years ago where, originally, the story ended in the second game, with an ending that shoulda ended the whole series. But afterwards, 2 more games were made without involvement of the original creator. These 2 games were sequels, too. Not prequels.

    I forgot what the game is called, but my point is, if Hothead decided to make a sequel to a game series that Ron Gilbert intended to end in the second game, then maybe it's not such a strange idea? We're talking about Deathspank, here. It doesn't exactly make sense already.
  • A prequel is effectively a type of sequel, at least in terms of chronological release order.
  • LuigiHann wrote: »
    A prequel is effectively a type of sequel, at least in terms of chronological release order.

    The way I see it, there are three types of 'installments'; a sequel, a prequel, and a squeakquel. A sequel takes place after the previous one. A prequel takes place before the previous one. And a squeakquel is something made by horrible people who should be punched.
  • What's this??


    Did they choose the bad ending to be canon?

    To tell the truth, im not so excited about this, besides the fact that Ron isn't involved, it seems it's gonna be all sci-fi and futuristic.
  • Meh, it's not inviting at all.

    If Ron was involved, it would be a no-brainer buy.

    In line of principle, not involving Ron could still results in an enjoyable game even if probably less enjoyable, as Monkey Island 3. Reviews will tell us if this one is the case.

    But I take particular exception for this one: this is different from MI in that DeathSpank as a character/concept was not created during the development of the game, but previously created for the grumpygamer blog by Ronzo and Kutshaialkkkk (sorry, can't spell the name :P)

    If they're able to make another game, without even telling Ronzo (as he wrote on the blog), I guess he had to cede them the rights of the character in order to make the first game. This is frankly bad!
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