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Sam&Max ep. 102 freeze (Boot Camp)

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I'm trying to run Sam&Max season 1 on a mac via boot camp. Everything has worked fine so far, before this freeze. The freeze happens each time I go into the cooking show, and try to cook alternative 3, something with "gras soup". The music continues, but the graphics and speech freezes. The game does not respond to any user input at all. I've been forced to shut down the "hard way", that is with the power button, each time.

I don't know anything about DirectX-drivers etc... But it's a brand new install of Windows 7 Ultimate, on an almost-brand new (perhaps a month old) MacBook Pro 2.4GHz 15", Intel Core i5, with standard configuration. I'm running windows through Boot Camp. I ran episode 101 with no problems. Does anyone know if it can be run with boot camp? As far as I know, it's supposed to be the same as if it was a PC.

I've seen it recommended to redownload the game elsewhere in the forum. I have downloaded it again, but haven't reinstalled because I don't know if I will lose my saved game. Will I? Also: Do I have to make that dish to finish the game?
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  • Sorry, just came across this line, in the "Windows 7 & You" section:

    "The following games work on Win7. Others currently require compatibility modes and/or admin privileges to run."

    Sam&Max Season 1 is not on the list. What... specifically is "compatibility modes"? Does this mean I'll have to downgrade to WinXP or Vista?

    Sorry for not reading the post before I made my own...
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    Will BANNED
    Actually, Season 1 should probably work for you. Usually if there is a crash at a particular point in the game, it's due to some corrupt data. If you reinstall the game, you won't lose your save files (unless you specifically tell it to uninstall them) and that very well might fix the problem for you. Also, it's usually a good idea to clear your internet browser's cache before re-downloading.

    I highly doubt DirectX is your problem, but it's probably something you want to update anyway. So if you want a really easy way to do that, just go here:

    Updating your drivers is also an unlikely culprit, but if you want to learn how it's easy enough to show you (and probably also a good idea to do sooner or later). Open up your Start menu, click on the search box and type dxdiag. This will bring up a diagnostic tool that will tell you info about your computer. If you go to the Display tab, it will tell you what type of video card you have. Then you just have to go to the manufacturer's website and find the driver for your specific video card. Just make sure you download the Win7 version of the driver. You install the new driver just like you would install any other program.

    Hope that all helps!
  • OK, thanks for your help!! I reinstalled, and now it works... :)
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