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Tales of Monkey Island Ep1 PS3 - Timing Error?

posted by NickContra on - Viewed by 503 users
To establish the situation: Tales of Monkey Island, episode 1, on PS3.
I've already beaten it on the Wii, I know how the steps to solve the story go, but this seems to just not be working.

When I say "Look! It's Dark Ninja Dave!" to D'Oro, he does indeed turn around. For a tiny tiny fraction of a second. Then back again.

No time at all to select the action figures and hit X to pick one up. I actually have the Wii release as well (don't ask), so I know this is not normal, or at least that they DO give you enough time to point the wiimote and hit the A button in that one. Am I missing something, or is this just an abominable bug I can never escape from? Thanks.

Edit: Oh, never mind. I was trying to select the pile using the left analog stick, and that counts as an action to make him turn around. Using L and R to select works fine. I'm dumb. Ignore me.
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