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If you're a Back to the Future fan

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Go buy Interstate 60 on DVD. It's an independent film by BTTF co-writer and producer Bob Gale, and is one of those gems that no one's ever heard of because of a distribution snafu that left it fated to be direct-to-video. There's an element of time travel to it, and it's even got cameos by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Seriously, just go watch it, and then come back here and try to tell me that it wouldn't make a great universe for a Telltale series. The movie's full title is even Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road.
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  • Yeah, it's a good movie. I like Oldman's quote from there,
    "Every event is inevitable - if it wasn't, it wouldn't happen."

    However, I do think that calling these time travel elements time travel elements is a bit of a stretch... they're not really time travel per se. But, hey, it's a pretty wacky movie after all :) In a good sense of words, of course.
  • Farlander wrote: »
    Yeah, it's a good movie. I like Oldman's quote from there,
    "Every event is inevitable - if it wasn't, it wouldn't happen."

    This reminds me of 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'. When the main character would leap back in time to avoid an accident, someone else would get hurt in her place. In one instance, her love interest was going to get hit in the face with a fire extinguisher, so she leaped back to push him out of the way, but it bounced off the ground and hit someone else.
  • Farlander wrote: »
    However, I do think that calling these time travel elements time travel elements is a bit of a stretch... they're not really time travel per se.

    I'm not so sure I agree. The movie might lack a tangible time machine like a Delorean or chamber, but Neil is definitely permitted to see a possible version of his future, and he's told that on I-60, the past, present and future have a way of being jumbled up.

    It's probably worth noting that in multiple interviews, Robert Zemeckis namechecks It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol as two of his primary influences in making BTTF (more so than H.G. Wells and others scifi inspirations), citing them as two of "the best time travel stories of all time." Dickens may not have included a time machine per se, but when the Ghosts tell Scrooge that he's seeing the "shadows" of things as they will be if the present course isn't altered, Scrooge is basically being shown an alternate timeline by another name. Similarly, George Bailey is given the opportunity to see an alternate timeline where he doesn't exist, with Clarence the angel serving as the time machine. The relationship with BTTF, of course, is that the focus is on human/dramatic elements rather than science fiction (although BTTF handles that element in a very satisfying way, too).
  • Sorry for the obscene bump but I just learned that Interstate 60 is available for free on Hulu. Telltale and Bob Gale really need to partner up to make some interactive stories in this universe.
  • Thanks for the heads up. I've been meaning to watch this movie for a long time but I continuously forget.
  • I downloaded it, i'll probably watch it next week, seems neat.
  • This sounds like a pretty cool movie. Do you know of any other hidden gems?

    Edit: Just finished watching it. You're right it would make a good Telltale game.
  • I just watched it as well. FUCKING AWESOME.
  • saw the entire thing. I guess while I'd say it does midly count as time travel, time lines are a plot point; mainly the discussion about whether future is determined. The scene with Michael J Fox (more on him later) is the only time I believe we see time travel (and that is only a manner of minutes)

    But aside from that, great film. Gary Oldman rarely does roles so light hearted, most of his career until he did Batman Begins, he was usually playing the villain.
    Christopher Lloyd? This guy is something else, too bad his acting is slowing down to cameos and small roles, so many of his roles (including that one amd Doc brown) are ones where you couldn't picture anyone else playing his role. Even the film Piranah (where he's reunited with Elizabeth shoe) he was in 3 or 4 scenes and made it count.

    Michael J Fox is similar to Lloyd but slightly less range (and thats not a shot at all, Lloyds range is unbelievable); he normally specializes in playing normal guys thrust into extremely odd situations; Teen wolf, BTTF, Doc Hollywood, the Frighteners, even spin city is like no show you've ever seen. his current cameos on the good life where they have to write his disease into the script he still managest to normalize; this is what many believe caused Eric Stoltz to fail in BTTF, seems from his stills he's overacting and with all the quirky characters (Biff, George, Doc), it would have wrecked it and made it too 'far out' if Marty were eccentric as will given the situation he's in. This films role is also similar to that although his character is nastier than most he players. Plays your typical over intense workaholic only has a very strange thing happen to him.

    People take a lot of shots at Bob Gale but he got those 3 actors plus Amy Smart and Kurt Russell to play very small roles so usually actors do those things out of respect (MJF outright said he'd only do another BTTF film if the bobs were involved).
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