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Back to the future game features

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Hello, I want to see what you want this games features to be. Please leave a comment below and i will respond
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  • 1. Free roam around Hill valley
    2. Able to drive the Delorean
    3. choose the EXACT date you time travel to
    *4. reference to other telltale games
    5. see yourself if you go back in time (like BTTF 2)
    6. new episodes and episodes based on the movies
    7. play as either Doc, Marty, Clara (for girl players), Biff, Julles, or Verne
    8. Actors voices
    9. Be able to steal plutonium from the libians and they chase after you!
    10. have some side missions imbetween

    *- You could ask Doc who Max was and he would say "hyperactive Rabbity thingy" and if you go far back enough in time, have dinosaurs like jurrasic park!
  • Free roam? Travel whenever?

    No, no, no. Telltale games tell.. tales. Stories. Original stories.

    It's not a GTA type thing.

    From your poll, Actors Voices is a possible option, as is seeing yourself in another timezone.

    The rest though... not gonna happen, thankfully.
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    This poll, except for the voice acting, is like a feature set for a Rockstar BttF game.

    I think its neat to say "free roaming" and "time travel to when/where ever"... but in the end, features like that detract from a solid driving story... not to mention that planning for non-linear gameplay/narrative in a fixed time is hard enough-- but to account for altering the future with total freedom... NIGHTMARE!

    Think about what it would take to test such a game for QA. Think about the permutations of sets, characters, and dialog we'd have to create.

    I appreciate that you want to garner interest in the game for us, and you want to express what kind of game you (think?) you want to play... but it would be better if a feature poll were written within the scope of what TellTale as a company produces. Otherwise, maybe label the poll "fantasy features of the ultimate BttF sandbox!"

    Things we are working really hard at are things like making character models and animations that we feel will satisfy our fans. -And- spectacular set dressing for a few key locations to explore through a few key eras. -And- writing a great story from exposition to cliffhanger to denouement - while providing compelling puzzles. All this is hard enough to get you a game by winter.

    You have to realize that we aren't Bungee with a team of 75 producers/artists/engineers/writers/testers to throw at one single project for 18 months.
  • I agree, It would be nice to travel to and whenever! But I think tell tale will follow the story line in the movie and you do missions with maybe a lil free roam like in the town of hill valley and do some type of puzzle or problem solve to move on, kinda like in tales of monkey, but not to cartoony i hope lol. I am sure all fans of the movie would love if tell tale put The town of hill valley, The clocktower and The delorean in the game with maybe some or all free roam to look around in the town of hill valley! This game could give tell tale a even bigger fan base! Its not like when tell tale starts on jurassic park they arent going to have dinos in it, whats back to the future with out the delorean or the clock tower.
  • yeah. I also agree. It needs to be almost exactally like the movies, but it should have a feature that says free roam, or something like that. So then it would be just like the GTA mods, but still have all of the stories put into it.
  • I think the logistics of being able to travel wherever you want would disappoint. It's not like they're going to build levels for every single year.

    Also, I agree with what jp-30 said - Telltale tell tales.
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    ajvgames;349593 said:
    yeah. I also agree. It needs to be almost exactally like the movies, but it should have a feature that says free roam, or something like that. So then it would be just like the GTA mods, but still have all of the stories put into it.

    Again, it's not like we have a magical feature engine. We can't just turn on "free roam mode" and expect all the fourth wall set pieces to be there. We have to build them -- all the locations and their permutations through time. Trying to build all of Hill Valley goes waaaaayyyy beyond the scope of our games.
  • Or just make the game and don't worry about it.
  • Atleast there will be a hill valley and hopefully a clock tower : D
  • 3rd person action sandbox game. Using the Hover board (in 2015) or the DeLorean Time machine (when traveling between different time periods) to get around.

    If you make this, Telltale, then I'd buy it. But NO POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE GAME. The series wouldn't be appropriate for a Point and click adventure game. Also, see if they can reprise Michael J Fox's role as Marty, and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Brown.

    Wouldn't that be better?
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