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I bought all the sam and max season 2 episodes separately, and now i'm not elegible.

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...for the DVD of all the episodes. I bought them all separately as I didn't have enough cash to buy them all at once when they first came out, and now that I've finished my collection, I'm looking to eventually get the DVD, but the problem stated above is giving me some (understandable) trouble with doing this.

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Edit: this is just a general heads up to any TTG person that reads this, but the highway surfin' poster still says in the description that the poster is available in signed, when it isn't anymore. You may want to fix that :)
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  • 1- Far I know, the poster is backordered, which is not the same
    2- Maybe there's some problems with the flag which said you have the games. I think is that. They can solve the problem of you in a moment so don't worry about it. They did it for me once, for the Deluxe Version of the ToMI DVD if I remember correctly.
  • cheers for the help :)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    GinnyN is right (it's my second post this week that starts that way!).
    It is a problem that has happened to other people and Telltale can solve it.
    I'd advise that you open a ticket by e-mailing [email][/email], though.
    GinnyN is also right about the poster.
    Every once in a while, someone from Telltale (Bonnie, last time, if I remember correctly) will take some posters to Steve Purcell for him to sign.
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