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Tax question

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If I buy the TOMI deluxe edition for $14.95, the Wallace and Gromit DVD for $0 and Devil's playhouse for $34.95, which despite being less than $50 ($49.90) apparently comes with free shipping to the UK, how much tax if any am I likely to pay?

Thanks :)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    I was about to reply "Unless there's any new "free shipping" offer that I'm not aware of, the last one ended at the end of March." when I decided to try it for myself and found out that free shipping (even internationally) for orders over $50- appears to be back.
    When did that start? When does it end? How did I miss it? How come it's not a sticky thread at the top of this forum?
    To answer your question, several other UK residents have posted about the customs charges or lack thereof in other threads.
    It appears to hit people somewhat randomly (in another thread, someone mentions having once had to pay taxes for something worth £20, but not for another package valued at £50) but the rule for the UK seems to be that anything over £18 is likely to be taxed.
    However, keep in mind that the only thing that will actually be in the package is the Wallace & Gromit DVD which definitely has a value of under £18 (some people have said that the customs form for a package containing a single DVD has the value set for $1), so you shouldn't have any problem.
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