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TOMI only received 1 disc with zero response/support

posted by mmayhemm on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
A few weeks ago I received 1 disc of TOMI. All I had to do was pay shipping therefore I ordered 2 and paid shipping for 2, one to use and the other to keep unused.
My original order quoted quantity 2, as did my despatch email, as did the invoice I got with the game.

I contacted support and received an automated response. I have since contacted support approx 6 times and had no response. I am still waiting for the 2nd copy or a refund for some of my the postage paid. Anybody know how I can get my second copy that was ordered and paid postage for?

Thank you
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  • It must have been a human mistake - at the warehouse, someone was (apparently) packaging stuff and accidentally put one instead of two.

    Anyway, I'm sure TTG would agree to send you another one for free. They should answer your support email soon. The problem is that there are many, many people sending emails to support lately and there's only one person answering them, so she's swamped and is having trouble catching up with that huge backlog.

    Please be patient.

    Since you wanted the extra copy to be unused, I'm sure you can wait, right? ;)
  • Yes, I can wait;)
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