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No offense to Sal fans, but what's so great about him?

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I'm sorry, but I found him a boring character. Why is everyone else so bowled over by him?
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  • :eek: WHAT?? C'mon he's awesome! Such a character of mystery in Season 2 then meeting him in TDP and finding out he a cool roach working in a museum as a security guard, formerly working as a cook in Stinky's until Granpa Stinky firing him... Yes he's awesome
  • The circumstances of his character within the plot are mildly interesting, yes, and we'll learn more in the next episode. But personality-wise, he's a complete zero, the most bland character ever in a Sam & Max game.
  • He certainly wasn't the funniest or most interesting character in the Sam & Max series, but he was one of the few that was just genuinely likable. He's the type of guy that you'd wanna be friends with in real life, that is, if he wasn't a giant cockroach. If you think about the other characters in the games, the most normal ones are a paranoid conspiracy theorist and the most indecisive woman this side of Timbuktu. Unlike the other characters with their weird little quirks, Sal is just a plain ol' nice guy.
  • It's because Sal is Pure, he's like the most honest bloke in the Sam & Max universe, he hasn't dealt with these two characters before and their events so he's somewhat Gullible, I mean, of course he's going to follow his bosses orders even if that boss is a recording saying Poke the Eyes of some Monster! He doesn't suspect anything crazy will happen, I mean, why would it?
  • He's even referenced in Season 1 when you examine the posters of Stinky's Diner vs. The Health Department
  • I think lombre got it: He's just a normal and likeable, under our standarts, guy, who happen to be a cockroach and a maybe, part of a Star Crossed Lovers Story. He's so nice and friendly at first sight you only can feel good for him.
  • Agreed that lombre hit the nail on the head. Sometimes, just the shear force of Niceness and Guilelessness Embodied in a world full of nutcases is enough to grab people by the lapels and make them go, "Aww, I really like that fella!" On the other hand, I have to wonder if part of the reaction has to do with such a (apparently) sweet soul like Sal being, well, a giant cockroach. That his personality defied expectations to the extent of endearing a lot of us to him more than if he'd actually been, say, the big teddy bear that he is, or a member of a more approachable species. I think both the element of surprise and what I mentioned above are enough to overcome Sal's lack of overtly interesting character traits for a lot of people. You could even argue that in the case of Sam & Max's universe, such genuine niceness is in and of itself an interesting character trait.

    Of course one of the next episodes could go ahead and quash that notion of "Gee, what a swell guy!" into a mushy, broken-hearted pulp, but for now, I share the warm and fuzzy sentiments.
  • Is it just me, or did Sal's voice actor sound a bit like Patrick Warburton?
  • lombre;349888 said:
    He's the type of guy that you'd wanna be friends with in real life, that is, if he wasn't a giant cockroach.
    I'm not speciesist - I'd be friends with him even in the form of a giant talking cockroach ;)

    Seriously, though, I think Sal's magic lies in his attitude of caring and interest in other creatures - I know a few people with this character trait, and they're all very popular. It's a bit similar to how the "magic" of Carrot works in the Discworld books.

    Having said that, there's one thing that surprises me - that Sal is not only among the favourites, but is actually leading the favourite characters polls. Probably people are more attracted to dependable friendly characters than cool villains, after all?
  • Sal is great because of the voice actor!
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