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Can't download Season 2 because site never loads...

posted by Gholin on - last edited - Viewed by 681 users
Hey guys! I bought the whole season at once and now that episode 2 is released, I've been trying to download it for two days. Problem is, I can't ever get to the find my orders page. It just never loads up, or if it doesn't it sure takes a few hours to do so. Anyone else have this experience? Why can't I get to the link? Thanks for any help.
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  • Are you following the link in your notification email that you would have probably received on Jan 5?
  • Hi Gholin,

    In case you didn't get your notification email, I'm going to PM you with a link that should work.
  • Yeah I never got my notification e-mail, so I was out of luck trying to download the file. I sent you a PM back in thanks so check it out when you get a minute. It's rare that a company would listen to its customers and seek out helping them as you have done, so I appreciate that a lot.
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