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I guess i'm just a golden oldy but....

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I miss the pure simplicity of the original season of Sam and Max. Don't get me wrong I love the new seasons but there was just a simple joy in the non complexnes of the 1st season that im missing in these newer ones. is it just me?
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  • I am sure there are others who agree with you, but I've always thought that the adventure game point-n-click genre needs an innovative kick in the nuts. The whole thing with Max's powers is a good way of bringing the genre more life, and take it into the 21st century.

    Myself, I'm happy the street hubworld has gotten way less screentime. By the end of Season 1, I hated returning to the same place over and over again to search for tiny new details every episode.
  • Like i just said in another thread, it was nice taking a break from the same old thing but im missing exploring all of straight and narrow for clues. But i must say i do enjoy the physic power thang
  • I guess he mean about the story.
  • The story isn't complex if you understand it, I got it from Episode 1 and I have yet to come to a point where I lost the plot. And the old things from Season 1 and 2 were good for like, 2008. But it's time Sam & Max got a case where it's not a case, it's life calling for their destiny.
  • No, no, no... well, at least for me, it's not the complexity of the story, it's the fact it's getting continualy too dark and some times uneasy. In the other seasons there's always a ton of wackiness including with Bosco's Dead, but, with even the name of the great Junior, I can't shake that feeling of, sometimes, desire to have an adventure which is a bit more mundane than trying to save the world from Max himself.

    In fact, I love the story, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't take another season with the same tone T_T
  • Agreed. I appreciate the wackiness of the Telltale Games, but something more small-scale like the case in Hit the Road would be very refreshing.
  • I like good old dark stories, making me definitely disagree with above posters.

    Everyone their own taste, I guess...
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