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Episode 1 vs Episode 2?

posted by Jordan on - last edited - Viewed by 3.2K users
Thoughts? Personally I liked Episode 2 better. The jokes made me laugh, rather than smirk. The villian had more personality and life, and the third party characters were hilarious (Bosco is by far the best, but Hugh Bliss was good). The whole episode was shorter it seemed, but I wouldn't say the difficulty level was any different. The trickiest part for me took 5 minutes to figure out instead of 4. What I like best is the scenery, the whole television studio set had this darker bizarre aura that gave the true feeling of a Sam and Max game, kinda like some of the locations in HTR. Maybe its just the nostalgia kicking in, but I felt like I was in Rubacava in Grim Fandango. Episode 1 has the outside of the creepy theater clinic, but you dont spend much time there and its all laughs and giggles and organs inside, not nearly wierd enough.
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  • NO, do not compare the TV studio to Rubacava!
  • I loved the second episode more than the first. You're right about the fact that it was laugh out loud funny, and much more zany. I even found myself laughing at the solutions to puzzles before I even tried them.

    I went through the whole game in one sitting, and never wanted to put the game down. Good thing I had the morning off :) This episode did feel shorter than the first, but that could be because I enjoyed it so much.

    Looking forward to Episode 3.
  • numble;17624 said:
    NO, do not compare the TV studio to Rubacava!
    lol, "i felt like" i dont think i would ever put another adventure game on the same playing field as grim fandango.
  • Can butterflies fly....

    Sams expression at that moment simply made episode 2 for me, i loved it :D
  • Welshy;17660 said:
    Can butterflies fly....
    Yes... they can.

    I thought Episode 2 had better puzzles and way more humor.

    I vote for Ep 2.
  • I was through Epi2 quicker than the first but I think that's because I played Epi1 first and my mind was back into the puzzle solving mode.
    Episode 1 took my about two days to finish, whereas 2 took me a few hours, but I ran into similar trouble when I first started playing Hit The Road after a long long hiatus.
    I think people saying that it's shorter or easier just don't realize the change in thinking that occurs when figuring out episodes 1.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but regardless, The humor on the weak end is just as good as HTR and the comics and even excels beyond all of that on the high end. Whether it's toddler easy or not doesn't matter because it's still a riot to play through over and over again.
  • They're both pretty much equal to me, although I do think Episode 2 is somewhat more solid. Everything fits in a little better, if you know what I mean. The difference is minuscule, which shouldn't be surprising since Ep. 2 was well underway when its predecessor premiered on GameTap.

  • One thing cracked me up in episode 2: the facial expressions (and the animations in general). Much better than in episode 1, except for those huge foreheads Sam and Max had sometimes :rolleyes:

    The negative point: it seemed shorter than episode 1. But we'll have another one in 1 month. Keep them coming, boys! :p
  • So far I've found Episode 2 better overall than the first. It does have a distinct Monkey Island feel to me though. I haven't decided if that's good or bad, but I loved all of the Monkey Island games, so I guess it's good for me. It's also harder than the first episode for me, and it looks like it will take me longer, but I only play in burts of 30 minutes or so; I suppose difficulty and length would vary some from person to person.
  • Larrin;17691 said:
    It does have a distinct Monkey Island feel to me though.
    Really ? Monkey island was my first adventure game ever, and i've played it a lot... But i don't see how ep 2 feels the same way...
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