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A couple S&M 304 bugs...

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First of all, all the options say they're activated by the triangle button. Since I'm playing on the PC, that obviously isn't right, and even if this were the PS3, I'm pretty sure triangle doesn't do everything. Just a minor quibble since I already know the controls by heart.

Also, I was in the secret underground spoilery area full of spoilery things I probably shouldn't mention yet, and I Rhinoplastied Max, and he vanished after he changed back. He's still THERE, and his gun amusingly hovers there in mid-air when I try to shoot at other spoilery things, but his model has vanished.
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  • Here are a few more. Pics and spoilers aplenty:

    * Making Max a Toycar in the lab makes him vanish
    * Musicless-ness second level of Bosco Tech (and first if transformed in toy car there).
    * They toycar rhinoplasty often appears inside of Charlie
    * In a future vision with Flint Paper and Stinky, Max suddenly appears saying his line, still in Max modus:
    * In the future vision where Max slaps Sam with a Hammer, in reality he suddenly holds an hammer too :).
    * Typo's: Sal's cake "Cake is like-like (instead of life-like)" and Momma Bosco: available in misspelled once. Also when back at the docks (following the clones) Max says "dogglganger" instead of "doggleganger".
    * Exiting Papierwaite's office by teleportation, then going back by tunnel shows Sam&Max leaving the office before suddenly spawning at the tunnel exit.
    * Future vision still shows Sam's kiss even after it's done. Not so future, eh? XP
    * After using mind reading on Stinky on her new location (the platform) going to Sam mode teleports you back downstairs to the control panel (you can even see sam&max in the distance during the read). Vice versa, trying to shoot her from downstairs magically gets you on the platform.
    * Select the platform in the middle, select stinky (so you get spawned there), then using the platform down I suddenly get stuck floating in midair. Selecting back gets me to normal though :?.
    * Statue - Statue voice and Toybox- Junior voice don't have subtitles.
  • It's miles better than 302 or 303 already...
  • Power46;353374 said:
    EDIT: And really, those bugs are not really a big deal. It may take away some of the immersion, but it is far from making it unplayable.
    These are on top of the ones outlined above by others. I went into some more detail of other annoying bugs et related at another forum.
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