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304: Getting rid of the octopus-looking thing

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Really annoying how I look to have done everything else (got over to the platform, Momma Bosco's DNA Bosco's letter and enter Papierwaite's office) but this one escapes me.
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  • Once you get the means by which you can remove them, you will be aware of it. For the time being, try talking to papierwaite some more.
  • Ask Norrington about the tentacles he'll give you a paper about a toy that's in another dimension. Then go to Bosco's lab and use the dimensional traveler.
  • Brilliant! Thank you! Now, dare I ask your help again? Teleporting to the platform doesn't bring Momma Bosco with me and taking the pad back makes no difference because it returns as soon as you get off it. So I'm at a loss as to how to get Momma Bosco over there.
  • That's weird, after I set up Stinky in the platform, teleporting automaticaly sets with Sam talking with Mama Bosco and teleporting the three people there.
  • Well, first time when Momma Bosco was there, I just teleported to the control platform with only Sam and Max. Went back, tried the same thing, and THAT time I was able to go there with Momma Bosco.
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