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TOYS!?- The Beyond the valley of the dolls "Did you try?" list.

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Yay! I made it first... Hooray for me. So, Im greedy so.. Im going to post to cover my a$$ and Il edit the list after. Mwuhahaha...

Spoilers abound
Okay here me go....

Did you try....

- hitting the dispenser multiple times?
- transforming into the desoto literally anywhere?
- Attempting to shoot a sam clone?
- Throwing your voice into the statue of liberty?
- going down the docks to see the two sam clones on their "Break"
- Using the noir option every time you see it while interrogating stinky?
- Trying to shoot dr. norington with the Robot?
- Trying to use Rhynoplasty on any of the pictures in Papierwaits office?
- clicking on the papyrus in Papierwaites office multiple times?
- Reading sam's mind multiple times?
- choosing the ??? option when controling the clones?
- Chatting up max, hitting the Random topic repeatedly (ALOT)
- Reading bluster Blasters mind?
- Reading sal's mind when he is at the docks?

I think thats all I got for no. Add your own,
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  • Looking into Bluster Blaster's Future
  • english language;351179 said:
    looking into bluster blaster's future
    that is totally awesoooome!!!11
  • English Language;351179 said:
    Looking into Bluster Blaster's Future
    Oh god I have to ask what happens. I think I did this and just don't remember.
  • Wait nevermind I remember...

  • *Interact with Skunkape several times.

    *Use future vision on Sam after he's used the dimensional destabilizer where you get the...theatrical...death sequence.

    *Read Bluster Blaster's mind a few times.

    *Get Max thrown up to the untransformed tablet twice, at the Statue of Liberty.

    *Transform tablet back to its original while Max is standing on it.

    There are more but I can't remember them now
  • Oh, and there's one scene where Max says "For the lulz", but I sadly can't remember when D:
  • -Using the hand scanner on the central platform before cloning mama bosco?
  • * Look out of the office's window (twice), and use Charlie on them?
    * Use Mindreading on Sam in Mamma Bosco's?
    * Click the giant machine to get the "microchip" line after momma Bosco has returned to the realm of living?
    * Shoot pretty much everything in the cloning room?
    * Mindread/Charlie Hotep both Papierweight and Yog-Saggoth?
    * Mindread Bluster or Sal when being attacked by the clones?
    * Look into Sam's future during the final battle?
    * Get Max kicked to the Flame of Liberty?

    Eh, that's all I got right now...
  • The_Hamburgaler;351161 said:

    - going down the docks to see the two sam clones on their "break"
    Is that when they're playing rock paper scissors?
  • Pick a card and "read the newspaper rack's mind???"
    Get chased through the clown infested streets.
    Shoot that evil coffee cup while partnered with cake-Max
    Try and shoot Sal while he's hanging over the proverbial abyss.
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