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Recurring bugs in Sam & Max Season 3.

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just opened up the 4th game of the Sam & Max season 3, and noticed some old bugs that are still here. These occur in all episodes from 1 to 4 on my laptop. Some are big, some a lot smaller.

1. If I run the game in graphics settings 1-3, the lighting on several game characters is computed incorrectly. See these two images: (the back of Sam, Stinky shows ok) (Max, Sam's tie).

If I put graphics settings to level 4 or better, these artifacts disappear. When I turn around or move, these lighting artifacts flicker when the set of triangles that fail to shade correctly changes. (if I fix camera/view direction, the flickering does not occur). I play at graphics level 1 to keep the game smooth, so it is slightly annoying.

2. If in fullscreen mode you try to move your mouse cursor off the top or the bottom of the screen, the cursor "stickies" to the edge, after which you need to (physically) move the mouse back by a certain amount of pixels before it actually starts moving on the screen. This is apparently caused by having the valid stored range of mouse vertical coordinates larger than the actual displayable amount, but when rendering, the coordinates are still clamped to the screen size. This might be related to the case when you have selected a screen resolution that introduces black bars to the top and bottom of the screen.

3. The above bug occurs also when moving the future vision goggles using wsad. Vertically you can hold down 'w' and 's' keys long enough for the same kind of edge snapping to occur, and when you press down the key to the opposite direction, it takes about a second for the camera to actually start moving. The experience for moving with the future vision goggles is very laggy for me.

4. Not all cutscenes can be skipped by pressing Enter. Some need to be watched. For example, try rapidly pressing Enter when watching the intro of episode 4 - you can skip some of the scenes, but some not, and the mixture of these does not make any sense.

5. The mouse cursor and hotspot/mouse hover -detection fail very often when in future vision mode. I.e. after clicking an object in future vision, when the cutscene ends and the view returns to the future vision mode, the mouse cursor is sometimes showing the hand icon and not the goggle icon. Hovering to on top of a hotspot will revert the cursor back to normal. In the same way, sometimes even when the cursor is on top of a hotspot, it is not highlighted at all and is not clickable. You have to move the mouse cursor outside the hotspot and then move it back in.

I'm running on a HP Pavilion dv5-1260eo, which has the HDD switched to an Intel X-25 M SSD and Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

Bug #1 is moderate, #3 and #4 annoying, and #2 and #5 a bit less so. Hope this helps!
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