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TF2 Dispenser in EP4.

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Hey check out this TF2 dispenser.

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  • DrRocketGenius;351709 said:
    You're a bit late. :p
    CyberAly;351650 said:
    Hey check out this TF2 dispenser.


    The jokes on BOTH of you! I can't see either picture, but my thread entitled "What Makes 304 The Best Episode Ever" has the picture up still, and a further explanation to it! Hah!
  • DrRocketGenius;351709 said:
    You're a bit late. :p
    I broke your image. I posted it on a Team Fortress 2 forum. It got too popular.
  • Eh, just type in the url provided and tada.

    Was it that hard?
  • Well SORRY for trying to grab a slice of the internet fame pie :'(
  • Uh, we're not trying to be rude by pointing out it's already been posted... We're just saying look first. Duplicate threads are bad because they divide conversation and lessen the social element in a way.

    And don't give us that whiny 'Well SORRY' thing - we're just trying to help, and you reacting so verbosely does NOT make you look good. We're just trying to help you out; don't try to victimize yourself and make us look like the bad guys here.

    In fact, your claim of 'trying to grab a slice of the internet fame pie' makes the situation even worse - are you saying that you only posted this because you wanted to be recognized as one of the people that posted it, not because you wanted to share it with the community? I'm sorry, but that's just not how it works. I don't really care who in particular points things like this out, I only care that someone took the time to share it. Recognition comes with years of participation, not one thread. There is no easy road to fame, and fame ain't what it's cracked up to be. What you want is recognition, and if you want that, be ready to invest a good amount of yourself and your time into the community.
  • From Team Fortress 2 toon shading in Season... 3 then?
    abdallah;42547 said:
    Oh come on you know you want to try it out! It looks absolutely delicious, and the nonflat style of it would work much better for Sam n Max than toonshading a la Windwaker.
    Here's a pdf file from Valve where they tell exactly how it's done:

    Oh pretty please with sugar on top consider doing something similar :)
    Jake;42548 said:
    I tried pasting the PDF into the rendering engine source code, and it's giving me compile errors. I guess it's not that easy.
    Hey, looks like that PDF finally worked!
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