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Iorana from Easter Island

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No whistling, as many conch's as I tried.....

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  • I think he's just sleeping off a basalt binge.
  • Try making it angry. It should summon at least one tiny storm cloud. And look for any precocious babies while you're there. Specially watch out for the one armed with a gun and a remarkable accent.
  • Overture;351886 said:
    No whistling, as many conch's as I tried.....
    awesome picture! :)
  • Also keep on the lookout for the Fountain of Youth. I hear the water's nice this time of year.
  • it look small find a bigger one did you see one that tawdry over you head
  • kane;352196 said:
    it look small find a bigger one did you see one that tawdry over you head
    i think thats the real life general size of the heads, right? otherwise how would the ancient people have moved them around?
  • Actually they got much, much bigger - they stripped the island of trees and used them to lug the heads all over the island, which is why the ecology there is in such bad shape.
    Hang on, let me find another pic... It isn't a good shot (damned tourists), but it shows the scale a bit better.


    Their bodies go all the way down to their waists, they're just mostly buried except for the coastal ones that are mounted, and have coral inserted for eyes...

  • Plus there are different styles of Moai spanning different generations, and all the moai on the whole island come from the one volcano crater / quarry in the north east - there are 397 Moai statues in various stages of 'buried' in the crater. And yet they spread them across the whole island. Crazy folk.

    Not that you all want a lesson in Rapa Nui history or anything :)
  • Are you from certain country I know somewhat well or you went only for the Eclipse?
  • I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Came to Rapa Nui for three weeks for the Eclipse (which was amazing).

    I'm now in Santiago until Tuesday, and then back home again :)
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