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ANOTHER multi-core timing puzzle related game-kill glitch exactly like the 303 one!

posted by FunkyCris on - Viewed by 80 users
Hey TT, just started Valley Of The Dolls (Steam version) and not far into it have encountered a game killing glitch that is exactly like the one I reported in this thread:

Not too far in, after the first time I accessed Girl Stinky's backup tunnel, I teleported back to her Cell and did the Flint Paper interrogation thing.

Instead of giving me time to input when Max plays the role of Girl Stinky, it looped straight around without any actions coming up.

Setting the CPU affinity to one core only solved the issue.

This is EXACTLY the same bug myself and others got in the Skunkape fight in 303, while it wasn't quite so much of a problem this time as I knew how to fix it.. it kinda looks bad you you guys if a glitch that was reported in the last game has been replicated in the new one.
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