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Cthonic Destroyer it dissent fit

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Cthonic Destroyer it dissent fit whey if Yog-Soggoth created the toy did he pit it in a different diminution from Junior or create it in the foist pleas it shed that a Molemen had to go in to that diminution and put it back after words I think Yog-Soggoth didn't create them then how did
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  • Yog-Soggoth never said he made the toys.

    He said he hid some of his treasured childhood toys in a the toy box and sent them to our realm to distract junior.
    Never did he claim to of made them.
  • yes now but sum guys finch offer wise ps i think a max like raise created the toys pss I thorn I mess surfing
  • I think Yog-Soggoth said he created the toys, actually. I remember when you talk to him after getting the Cthonic Destroyer, Sam asks "why did you create it?". And somebody mentioned in another thread that when he talks about Charlie (when you first use Charlie on him) he says that he doesn't know why he even made it.

    kane raises a good point; if the Cthonic Destroyer was one of the Toys of Power, why wasn't it with the others? How come it went back to that other dimension after the moleman used it?
  • the same pleas he gotten he created The Devil's Toybox but Yog-Soggoth nether shed he created the toys
  • Perhaps it isn't a toy of power which means that it could come back in the final episode. It wasn't in the toybox for the summoning anyway.
  • but they refer to it as one so it is and he she it needs the gift to operator it
  • guest saying if Yog-Soggoth didn't create the toys then how
  • I am a cthonic powered robot! Please share my destruction with everybody!
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