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Even though it turns out he's NOT the main Villain...

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That Narrator still gives me the Jibblies.
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  • how do you know he isn't?
  • xbskid;352266 said:
    Surely you haven't forgotten about the So--*shotgunned*
    Don't even say that.
  • It would be a damn shame if the narrator turned out to be the mastermind behind all this mayhem...

    *thinks about Hugh Bliss's possible return as a villian :D*
  • ABlackEyedPea;352272 said:
    Don't even say that.
    It's gotta be a suped-up version of someone. Mariachi 2.0s? Mole-Man Voltron? ...I know. SUPERBALL. He's in charge of Homeworld Security, and I'm sure Max in his current form falls into that jurisdiction.
    SlasherMan;352285 said:
    *thinks about Hugh Bliss's possible return as a villian :D*
    *Thinks about the Narrator saying "I'm Hugh Bliss!"*
  • I think this time it might be Harry.
  • it could be like doctor who and not reveal the villian in this series
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