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Regarding the Comic-Con sale... (or rather, Telltale + Steam)

posted by blaze0041 on - last edited - Viewed by 270 users
If I decide to buy, say, Sam & Max Season Two, could the serial number be used to register the game(s) on Steam?
I am loving Sam & Max Season 3 right now, and would love to play the first 2 seasons (played demos of them).
My apologies if this seems like a noob question.
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  • No, Steam will not accept Telltale's serial numbers, however you can install the Telltale versions and add their icons into Steam.

    [For those who still need assistance]
    You can accomplish this by going to the Games menu (If in Big mode, also click on "Add a Game" at the bottom left), select "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library", and check off the games. If your game didn't come with an installer, click on the Browse button to search for the executable.
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