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Would there be a director's cut of sam and max like bone?

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Would there be a director's cut for the first two eps or even the whole season in the future? I would like to see some extras like Sam having the option to play a bango version or a parody of(if Telltale doesn't have the rights for) King of the animals(is that what it is called?) from hit the road game in ep 2 or have new va max to redubbed max for ep 1 (if it isn't too expensive.)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I dout there will be a director's cut type treatment of any of the season 1 stuff. At least not so soon after the games came out like Bone. Of course, you never know, but don't hold your breath. We're pretty happy with the way the Sam & Max episodes are turning out as is :)
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