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Oh, for crying out loud! I'm stuck at the very first challenge of the episode. I've figured out a few things but not enough it seems. Somebody gimme a hint? I can get a fudgie without Sam eating it. I even gave one to a Samulacra, so I can make toast... or I can try to make toast. I can see where Stinky's backup tunnel must be, roughly, but... now what?! I just want a hint. Not the solution. Somebody???
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  • Maybe one of the Stinky's knows something about the secret tunnel.

    You know you need to stop Sam from eating the fudgie stick. The problem is, he has absolutely no willpower! Maybe there's something in the diner that you can use that simply won't LET him eat the stick? Remember: You can use objects in your inventory!

    The Hints forum is where you post to ask for help. Maybe you can try that next time! =)
  • Thanks for the hints -- nicely written. I discovered the hints forum about 30 seconds after posting here. Heh-heh. The one key I was missing, was that reading a character's mind produces different results as the game progresses. Which is only natural!
  • I'm not saying you'll need it but in case you do get stuck in some areas that you need to use "Psychic Powers".

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