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304: Tentacles

posted by thiz on - last edited - Viewed by 357 users
Can someone explain how i can ask Norrington for the Tentacles? I dont have the option to do that no matter what i do... And as far as i know, i need that to use that destablizier at boscos
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  • You should be able to talk to him about it immediatly after the tentacle appears. looks like a glitch if it isnt happening. You might be able to get around it by using the destablizer. You just need to know this.

    Years ago an ancient moleman defeated people from the dark demension using a special toy of power found in the dark demension he vanished in flash of light and traveled to the giggling land of indegestion with visions of insects in his mind. he was later eaten by a giant beast
    all that you missed was sam getting a scroll that basicaly said this and colored the important stuff(which i bolded)
    See if that helps.
  • You need to examine the tentacles.
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