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how to play the game?

posted by mawmawof4 on - last edited - Viewed by 432 users
Am looking for the basic instrutions on how to play the game.All i have found is hints. Looking for the instructions on how and what the gun is for and how to use it and anyother items he has.
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  • The gun is for shooting at everything. Just aim with the mouse and click. Won't help you much goin through the game, tho...
    Apart from that it's extremely simlply... It's called click and play, so you just have to click... and play ^^
    the cardboard in the left-down (?) of the screen opens the inventory... apart from that, ther isn't much to say
  • What does the "Warp" option in the menu do?
  • MarkoH01;17905 said:
    What does the "Warp" option in the menu do?
    In all the tech help threads, it should be suggested to ensure "Warp" is turned off in the menu to prevent random crashing. :p
  • oh, just something about the controls... I've noticed that Alt no longer paused the game in ep2.... That's not really important, but i really needed to go and get some coffee while some dialog was running and that was kind of frustrating not to be able to pause the game and go ^^
    just wondering if that was intentional or not.
  • I want to second the comment about the Alt not working... the pause option is super important for me, so please bring it back!!!
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