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where can I find the songs from season 3 online?
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  • You can't really. There are a couple of the main ones on youtube, but that's it. The reason being that there are TONNES of songs.
    If you use this:
    You can extract all the music into neat little mp3s, but there'll be hundreds of them (all the sounds of cars passing by and seagulls and stuff are there) so extract them, order them by size, and listen until you find what you want.

    Jake said there's likely to be a CD release of acoustic recordings after the season too, so look out for that :)
  • I've got 5 of the songs recorded from the games on my Youtube channel (Supersam64)
  • how do I listen to the .ogg files?
  • browen;354265 said:
    how do I listen to the .ogg files?
    Get just about any media player but Windows Media Player (like VLC or Foobar2000) or install a DirectShow codec for OGG?
  • I'll still be waiting for a soundtrack CD to be released.

    I hope it gets released around the same time as there is a free shipping deal, or else I can't buy it.
  • I'm just going to wait for the CD release because knowing Jared, he's probably going to some master mixes of the shorter tracks again this time around.

    The reason I say that is because the Noir Sam soundtrack seems to be broken up into pieces depending on what part of the first act you are playing in 303. I'd love to hear the entire thing as one full track, which I bet is just genius on its own.
  • Yeah, ripping the songs from the game is simply no way to listen to them. The Sam and Max soundtrack CDs have been brilliantly produced so far. Granted, that was back when Telltale only had Sam and Max on their plates and had far more of their resources put into it, but I'm really hoping for a quality release on this one because the soundtrack for the Season is simply ingenious.
  • Rather Dashing;354336 said:
    ...but I'm really hoping for a quality release on this one because the soundtrack for the Season is simply ingenious.
    I'm hoping for this, too, both for the soundtrack and the season-end DVD. The ToMI DVD was just terrible in comparison to the DVD for Sam & Max Season 2. I ordered the two existing Sam & Max soundtracks, but for some reason they haven't shipped yet.
  • Aww, that's unfortunate for me to read, as I have yet to break into my ToMI DVD as of yet. :(

    It should be interesting to see what kind of Season-End stuff we get from TDP, though. The Soundtrack is a must for me.
  • Zeek;354393 said:
    Aww, that's unfortunate for me to read, as I have yet to break into my ToMI DVD as of yet. :(
    While it's not up to par with the Season Two DVD, in my opinion it has improved on the Strong Bad and CERTAINLY on the Wallace and Gromit DVD(which may as well not exist and was a horrendously botched job all around). There are some things that it does better than the Sam and Max discs, and some things it does a lot worse, though you can forgive some of the faults as a given for their first multi-platform DVD.

    There are some definite pluses to the Tales DVD that others lack. In a 180-degree turnaround from the W&G discs, the Tales DVD does not have any DRM on it whatsoever, not even a disc check. You put in the DVD, install from the DVD, and then you don't need it anymore. This is THE killer feature of the Tales DVD, and what makes it worth owning.

    There is a video commentary track, too. This is worth watching. The execution and variety are nowhere near the Season Two disc commentaries for a couple reasons, though: Like the rest of the disc, you cannot watch the features in a normal DVD player. Now, this isn't a problem for me because I have a media PC hooked up to my television near-constantly, but for others it can be a big issue. A bigger problem, for me anyway, is that the commentary can't be shut off. In the Sam and Max sets, the video acted as a way to go through the story of the episodes, and I enjoyed having that. Another difference is that there's only one commentary track, and it's purely design-related. There's no other aspects of game creation, like sound or cinematography or whatever. Despite these faults, it is a very insightful and entertaining commentary, and it's something I'd rather have than not have.

    The concept art is handled really well. It's a gallery of image files, which is great because when they're part of panning videos like in(at least one of?) the Sam and Max discs, you can't really always get a close or extended look at them. So this is a definite plus.

    The wallpapers are slightly annoying because they all have copyright notices in the corner, but otherwise good. Still, the ones from the thread were better.

    ...sorry to be off-topic, everybody.
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