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Countdown to Ep 5: "The City That Dares Not Sleep"

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 20.9K users
Whoa is it time for one of these already? Probably not, but here it is anyway.

So yeah, July's pretty close to done so it's time for the Final Count..down... thread. Hm. I didn't expect to go there at all. My apologies.

I'm Jake, and as many of you guys know from elsewhere on the forums, I wear quite a few hats around the TTG offices. The last few months, I have been fortunate enough to wear the hat of "director" for the final chapter of The Devil's Playhouse, "The City That Dares Not Sleep.".

I'll be hanging around this thread for between now and release, answering questions and dropping amazingly obscure, indecipherable, impenetrable, mind-rending hints about the final episode. Which you guys will surely figure out within like ten minutes, causing me to freak out thinking I've unwittingly spoiled the season finale for you. Fortunately, you'll then inevitably second guess yourselves and get it all horribly wrong a few days after that.

The episode was written and designed by Chuck Jordan (writer/designer/director of The Penal Zone, and lord overseer of the whole season), who is enjoying his new exotic life outside the office (which means he's probably at home on his couch playing Limbo on XBLA), but hopefully he can be coaxed into stopping by as well to help field things, too.

So yeah, the questions, the speculating: Fire away!

Uhhh, uhhh, bullet points.... Stemmle had all those cool bullet points. Dammit. Bullets.

I am less prepared than Mike "Master of the Countdown Thread" Stemmle, if you didn't notice. My bullet points, however, far outclass those of any prior thread. Feast:
  • It's the last episode of the season.
  • It features some very nice decorative clocks and lamps which I think you'll enjoy.

What more do you need to know?
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  • Nearly every interior location in-game has a lamp and/or a clock.

    But the most notable one that has both is a location we all wanted back but have yet to get back aka their office.
  • I'd love to just return to the office just to see what's still in the closet.
  • Will any new physic powers be introduced

    will we get to use the max mode we got to use in the final battle of 304(where he is able to "will" any power of his choice without the toys of power)
  • Hold up-I thought that the DeSoto carried off Sybil and Abe to their honeymoon, and the car itself is possessed by a demon. Can you say 'Continuity error?'
  • ted12 wrote: »
    Hold up-I thought that the DeSoto carried off Sybil and Abe to their honeymoon, and the car itself is possessed by a demon. Can you say 'Continuity error?'

    They brought the car back between seasons, but Abe & Sybil are on an extended Honeymoon, which is a nice way of saying "Don't expect to see them this season."
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Here's some stuff to probably not help you out much:
    tabstis wrote: »
    1. Will we be thrilled and surprised by the events in the episode?
    2. Will we see the return of Gordon the Brain?
    I missed the part where he actually self identifies as Gordon. Does he actually say that's his name, or does Skunkape just say "Gordon's alive?!" That has confused me since I first played through.
    3. Will the toys of power be in the episode?
    When have they not been?
    4. Will we find out the truth behind Bluster Blaster's future vision?
    5. Is there any meaning to the 'wave of lawfullness and good will' spreading through the city at the beginning of the Penal Zone?
    6. Will Harry Moleman have to step up to fight giant evil Max?
    7. Will Sam finally lose some weight - I mean, come on, the guy's huge!
    Answer hazy.
    8. When will the episode be released?
    I played it last week. You guys should catch up.
    There are some music related moments, but no singing.
    ted12 wrote: »
    Wait-what are we supposed to refer to Max as now that he's a hundred foot-tall demon?
    Just "Max," as always. But I'm sure he wont mind if you call him something weird.
    Zeek wrote: »
    I'd love to just return to the office just to see what's still in the closet.
    Half of your wish will be sort of granted.

  • We won't actually kill Max, right? Just like, undemonify him?

    And how is Sam so calm about it?
  • Jake wrote: »
    Half of your wish will be sort of granted.

    Hmmm, I'm guessing the closet, since I'm pretty sure the office was destroyed in 301...
  • Jake, Did you do any additional writing in this episode? What have you been involved in the most while sitting in the directors chair?
  • So in 305,

    How many new toys?

    Will we get to control Max through his extreme demon rampaging?

    Will Max Mode come back in extreme demon version?

    Will Sam go commando?

    Will Superball go commando?

    Will Sam hold the psychic powers?

    Will we get to see Bosco? Please? Pretty Please? Okay ignore that question.

    Will you please answer only 3 of these questions?
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