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Ok, I apologise if this has already been asked, but the email I recieved from said that the team were fired. Dose anyone know why/what for?

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  • Because LucasArts decided to go with just Star Wars instead, and shooters and all that. They sacked all the people that were good at making adventure games, and so it was too risky in their eyes, I guess. (Why lose money on an adventure game, when they can make lots and lots of money on a new Star Wars game?)
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    I love how in their initial press release LucasArts said their would be no layoffs and then like 1 month later everyone working on Sam & Max was gone :-/
  • Dose anyone know why/what for?
    There were some massive layoffs last year. That first one (in April?) included most of the Sam & Max 2 team. The company was doing some "major restructuring." They're expected to increase the number of employees again over time.
  • I'm starting to get sick of star wars games. lucas arts was such a good company until it was seduced by the dark side
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    Fortunately all the (ex-Lucas) Jedi Masters joined TTG (or Amegames)! May the force be with ya!

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    Yeah, I'm glad a work friend of mine pointed me in this direction. I grew up playing LucasArts adventure games (I was hooked with Maniac Mansion), and have been an avid fan of those types of games over the years. I can't tell you how crushed I was when Full Throttle 2 and Sam & Max 2 just dropped off the radar.

    I'm so glad that the creators have someplace to go to make the games that I love to play. I've sort of taken it personally that LucasArts has (in my view) quit making the games that built the company in the first place. I don't even bother going to their site anymore. Lucky for me, I have this one now. :D
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