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Waiting the email...

posted by diegomenezes on - last edited - Viewed by 391 users
I had bought the season 3 times.
I ve tried to ...

First time with paypal... i selected my email (paypal same)
and my password (paypal different)
But i am waiting the email until now...

Second time with paypal... email and password (same paypal)
waiting the email until now... it has being 3 hours ago.

Third time with credit card...
waiting the email until now =(

What could be happening?
My paypal account does seem to had made the payment...
helpp i wanna play
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  • I'm going to look into this for you.

    I see that you're using a Gmail address. Could you check your spam folder for these emails? Gmail often tags Telltale's mail as spam, unfortunately.

    EDIT: I'm going to send you a PM about this.
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