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Toonstruck 2 exciting news!

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As you probably remember, Toonstruck was cut in two parts before the release, and part 2 has never been released. Well, now it probably will be!

Keith Arem, a member of Toonstruck team who now owns the rights to it, is considering the re-release of Toonstruck which would include Toonstruck 2, but he needs "tremendous fan support" to justify its release and raise the capital. There's a petition which has already reached the point of 3000 signatures.

A quote from Mr. Arem (you can read his letter here):

While the game was internationally critically acclaimed, the game did
not receive the sales we hoped, and the second half was never released.
Now that my career has developed, I would like to re-release an updated
version of Toonstruck to include the 2nd half of the game (iPad, online,
etc), but I would need tremendous fan support to justify its release. I
am looking for someone to help organize a fan petition to help us raise
the capital to finance the game, so if you know anyone who could help
with this, I would appreciate the assistance.
Another letter from Mr. Arem and a mini-interview with him.

Online Petition:

Official Facebook Group:

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Livejournal community:
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