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Season 2 DVD for season subscriber

posted by Silly Bob on - last edited - Viewed by 120 users
Several times now I have attempted to order Sam and Max Season 2 DVD using my code and it says that the number is invalid, I won the season in a contest, but was informed by Emily Morganti(sp?) that I wold still be able to recieve the free DVD with shipping and handling. And several times I have mentioned it on these forums, and been told that the problem had been fixed only to have the same problem all over again.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    While your problem is not exactly the same, I'm pretty sure the way to fix it is to have it added to your cart as instructed in this post.
    In other words, e-mail [email][/email] and request that they put the DVD in your shopping cart.
    Just one more thing.
    If I remember correctly, some people have mentioned that when they looked at their shopping cart after Bonnie put the DVD in it, the item was there, but if they left the page then came back, it had disappeared.
    So, make sure you proceed with the transaction before you leave the page or you might have to e-mail Support again.
  • Go ahead and go to your shopping cart, Silly Bob. All you have to do now is complete your order.
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