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The Last Item You Purchased?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 81.4K users
What was it? Whether it was a packet of chips, a video game, a CD, a magazine, a gun, a flower, a yacht or an island, post it here.

My most recent purchase was a CD - Dream Theater's "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
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  • Serious Sam, or serious sam HD? Either way it's pretty kick-ass. (except my graphics suck so I'm not playing it again until I get a new card for Christmas)
  • BoneFreak;359059 said:
    Why are people buying books? Is there a decrease on the wave of today's media? :D
    Books are very, very important.
  • MusicallyInspired;359576 said:
    I have 1820 points leftover. Anybody have any suggestions on what I should get next? I was thinking about Portal Still Alive for its exclusive maps but I'd rather have a new game experience. Serious Sam looked interesting (and the demo was fun!). But also Sonic 4 is coming out soon...not much in the current catalogue looks very interesting. Anything else good coming out soon?
    Portal: Still Alive is just Portal with the Flash Version map pack (available free on the PC), so it's a ripoff.

    I'd suggest Castle Crashers (and the DLC if you're into that kinda crap :V)
  • Hayden;359336 said:
    What's 'Titan Quest' like? I've had it recommended to me once, I like what I saw when I saw some screenshots, and I'm strongly considering buying because it's really cheap in my local game store at the moment.
    It is a Diablo 2 clone, but better, and set in ancient Greece. If you like that kind of game you'll enjoy it.

    The last thing I've bought was Starcraft 2, and I'm feeling a bit ripped off by it :p.
  • Your Love is... by Paul and Storm, on iTunes.
  • KuroShiro;359684 said:
    It is a Diablo 2 clone, but better, and set in ancient Greece. If you like that kind of game you'll enjoy it.
    It sounds like it's for me then. I really liked Torchlight, so I guess I'll enjoy this one as well. I'll also buy Deathspank if it's ever released on PC.
  • StrongBrush1;359536 said:
    Green Day: Rock Band.
    *looks at your Beatles icon* Lolwut?
  • BoneFreak;359527 said:
    Just a game in general.
    Fallout 3 *smirks*
  • I brought a Box of Polycolor pencils for my sister. They got missing purple and "skin" color though. I'll buy them separate them when I'm back to Valparaíso ^^!
  • roberttitus;359845 said:
    Fallout 3 *smirks*

    But my brother already has it.
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