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What do you do for a living?

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Just tell us a basic description of what your job. Like what exactly your duties are or anything else you wish to tell.

I personally work as a custodian at my city's couthouse... which isn't anywhere near as bad of a job as it seems. It pays $14 an hour (in a place thats minimum wage is $7.50 an hour) with a 50 cent per hour raise every year & a half or so until it maxs out at $18 an hour & it isn't much work at all. All I do is change the trash, clean the male bathrooms (3 in total), sweep & mop the floors every evening (in addition to a bit of spot sweeping every hour or so) & order any supplies that the courthouse may need (like soap, toilet paper & such). The rest of the day I just chill in my office (IE... a tiny room with a telephone, tiny desk & computer *which is what I use to place orders... although I do tend to sneak on the internet for a few moments at a time :D*) until I'm needed for something.
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  • Student. $0 an anything.

    Part Time Job is yard-work. Wages vary.
  • professional sex bomb
  • I've been unemployed for about a year and a half, and will be for a minimum of 7 more months, as I'm not allowed to work given my current immigration status and these things take ages. 7 months is how long it will take before they start processing my file (of course after that for all I know it will take even more time).

    It sucks.

    "My living" would be Ian's job. He works for the mentally challenged. He goes there at 1pm and stays until 7am the next day, 7 days per 14-day period. He does whatever he might be needed for, which can range from cooking, cleaning, bathing people, walking them around town, making sure they get ready in the morning if they're part of a government program and have school or a job, preventing them from harming other people and/or themselves, preventing other people from harming them...
    Each individual will have their own needs and behaviours, so the staff's assigned to a specific home with specific people (they're normal houses, with 2-3 clients living there as roommates, + as much staff as clients or more at all times). This way they get to know them well and the clients have a limited staff rather than tons of strangers.

    It seems to be a stressful job, but he's not allowed to talk about the clients, so I only know the generals and nothing specific.

    I realise it's not my job, but I felt silly writing a post that simply said "oh, I don't have a job". Plus it feeds me so it kind of qualifies.
  • Professional Bigfoot hoaxer, unprofessional artist, and full time Dad... I also work in a restaurant... My wife is a photographer and she sets prices for a retail store. I often work for her on jobs and then enhance her photos in photoshop.
  • Leech from my parents. Maybe I'll start to produce next year or something. Unless the Zazzle Store count for something. But, at the end, like a teacher said, I still have my "Parents Scholarship"
  • I get given money from the government while I'm in college because I'm poor.

    *waits for flaming to commence*
  • Fealiks;360147 said:
    I get given money from the government while I'm in college because I'm poor.

    *waits for flaming to commence*
    Yeah because college is for the rich. I dont blame you for it. Education has been taken from the hands of the people and given only to the rich. No one can pay a college without taking student loans.

    As for me im a Graduate student. And have less than one yr left. Im doing my internship in psychology in a women's jail. My job will be to evaluatre and assess and also give therapy whenever a problem arises and help in rehab programs.
  • I work on my city Youth House, which is a building that is run by the City Hall. It's a sort of social club, where youngsters can go to use computers, play video-games, card games, board games, use the rooms to rehearse with their music groups or dance... We have dancing courses, computer courses...
    I'm the computer technician on the building. My job is have the computers properly running (both the computers for youngsters' use and the computers for workers' use). I also usually am the teacher on the coumputer courses, and I keep an eye on the youngsters when they're playing PC LAN games or with the Wii. I also manage the multimedia material of the house (DVD players, projectors, speakers...) and help the youngsters when they want to use the recording room to record their music demos.
    Besides that, although it isn't strictly my job, I also help the other workers with the bureaucratic job and other things within the building.
    It isn't a hard job, at least not fisically, but now I'm on holidays and I love it. Many of the youngsters that are regular "customers" are a bunch of little bastards and it's a good thing not seeing them during a time.
    I wouldn't say I do it "for a living", though (I live with my parents).

    Anyway, next october I'm quiting that job. I'm going to another city to study a master's degree on videogame design and programming. I hope I'll find another job (anyway, I'll be content if I can re-take the same job I'm now...) when I finish the master... maybe in Telltale? It would be great, but I'm not sure I'll dare to go outside Spain.
  • Everlast;360150 said:
    I'm doing my internship in psychology in a women's jail. My job will be to evaluate and assess and also give therapy whenever a problem arises and help in rehab programs.
    That sounds extremely interesting, actually. Are you enjoying it?
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