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Guybrush smiley slow in Chrome?

posted by apenpaap on - last edited - Viewed by 639 users
A couple of days ago, I switched my browser from Firefox to Google Chrome, and something I've noticed is that the dancing Guybrush smiley is really slow, as if he's dancing in slowmotion. I'm wondering if anyone else has this. :guybrush: Winslow is at his normal speed, though.
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  • I noticed this too. Although I now use firefox.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Some browsers have speed limits on animated gifs in order to prevent evil images from causing extreme cpu load. I can't find the limits of chrome/webkit at the moment though, so i can't confirm that it's the cause, although it's quite likely.
    The Guybrush dances with 30 ms / frame. Winslow with 100 ms/frame.
  • weird! Guybrush's smiley at my pc runs in the same speed in chrome and ie
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    DjNDB Moderator
    mightypiratetm;361903 said:
    weird! Guybruh at my pc runs in the same speed in chrome and ie
    Here too... Slow...
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    On my computer:
    Firefox: fast
    Opera: fast
    Chrome: slow
    Safari: slow
    IE: slow
  • yeah, i noticed that when i took the smiley into fireworks, it appeared to be much faster
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Animated GIFs are manhandled by most every browser, because they're kind of an abomination.
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    Wiser words were never spoken
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I did a little research. This Bugzilla Entry gives a lot of details on Browsers clamping the maximal animated gif speed differently.
    This is where Webkits behavior changed from Firefox like, to IE 7 like.

    I created a Version of the image running at 60 ms / frame by removing every even frame (see below). It runs at the original speed in chrome/webkit and IE, but it looks less smooth, since it only uses 16.6 fps as opposed to the prior 33.3 fps. Considering these browsers limits it could be improved for 20 fps playback given the original material, but i can't estimate whether that would look significantly better.

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