First Puzzle: GAME HALTS! OSX

I tried to restart my game after screwing up the answer to the puzzle with the workers--I had worked it out correctly on paper only to set the clock to the wrong time, grr. I know that's extreme, and I've paid for my OCD.

Apparently, now I can no longer get past the VERY FIRST puzzle. After Nelson wakes up at his desk, the game stops doing anything. The folder in the left-hand corner appears, but nothing else happens--the shredded crossword puzzle never appears. When I quit and reload the game, a white box surrounds Nelson, his back to me. What gives?

I've tried reinstalling. I've removed what ever PA files that I can find (maybe missed some?). Nothing. I know my computer can play this game! I've been through the first few puzzles!

I'm running the game on in Mac OS 10.6.x (through Steam--does that matter?).



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    Oops. All I needed to do was reboot and I'm all set now.

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