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    I remember the Mortadelo y Filemon games, I´ve played "Mortadelo y filemon: La máquina Meteoroloca"
    Maybe that is the less known Mortadelo Game; it's the only one that wasn't made by Alcachofa Soft, and was quite different from the rest.
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    I've always had a fondness Amber: Journeys Beyond, a 1996 Myst-like game about a psychic investigator in a haunted house. Or at least, for the first third or so of it, when the quests haven't kicked in yet and you're just creeping around alone in an unfamiliar place at night. I'm talking about a game where you stop and just sit there staring at the screen, afraid to do anything, because you saw a shadow move slightly. Or because a background hum that you had gotten used to suddenly stopped.
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    Oh man, Eco quest! I loved that game, I should so replay it.

    Baf> Oh god... the hauntings FREAKED ME OUT! The atmosphere for the first half is so effectively creepy.
    The woman in the upstairs room is my fave of the three stories though, that was heartbreaking. After that one I kinda found the other two a bit.. eh... dunno, maybe i'm just a hard hearted cow but that kid... ooo I hated that kid.

    But yes, awesome game. I wish I could finish it but alas, NT hates that game.
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    Last Half of Darkness. This game scared the crap out of me when I was 6 years old. :p
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