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What Are Your All Time Top 10-20 Favorite Songs?

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Just name your all time top 10-20 (for those who can't narrow it down to just 10... like me) favorite songs. All forms of music apply (from Classical-Death Metal-Video Game Music)

*Genre is optional*
1. 2Pac (Ft. Elton John)- Ghetto Gospel: Rap
2. Alice in Chains- Bleed the Freak: Grunge
3. Anthrax- Any Place but Here: Thrash
4. Bruce Dickinson- The Tower: Metal
5. Candlebox- 10,000 Horses: Rock
6. Evergrey- Harmless Wishes: Metal
7. Faith No More- Stripsearch: Alternative
8. Fuel- Bittersweet: Rock
9. George Micheal- Father Figure: Pop
10. H.I.M.- Katherine Wheel: Alt. Rock
11. Iron Maiden- The Evil That Men Do: Metal
12. Kenny Wayne Shepherd- Burdens: Blues
13. Michale Graves- Nobody Thinks About Me: Punk
14. Mr. Bungle- Retrovertigo: Alternative
15. My Machine- Overlooked: Alt. Rock
16. No Doubt- Don't Speak: Pop Rock
17. Onslaught- Welcome to Dying: Thrash
18. Seal- Crazy: R&B
19. Soundgarden- Room a Thousand Years Wide: Grunge
20. TReZ the TRuTH- Fly Away: Rap
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