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xbox 360 controller problem with Sam and Max Beyond the Alley of the Dolls

posted by guypsd on - last edited - Viewed by 218 users
When I try to play this episode with my controller on PC all the button promps come up as the Playstation triangle button. It's a tad confusing when the button for "look at notepad" is shown as the same as "switch to Max" or "use" or "use object".

Any fixes for this?

Additional info:
It seems to be because I'm using a wireless xbox controller and it is being recognised as a generic controller. But the buttons should still be labeled 1 2 3 4 and not "triangle".
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  • If you are in the mood to be brave, you can edit the registry to fix this. Head to this registry key:

    One of the values will be the name of your controller. Something like "Controller (Wireless X360 Wireless Adapter)". Click on that value to change it's name. Insert this value instead: "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)". Sam and Max will then register your controller as the wired one, and provide the correct button images.
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