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Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse: The City That Dares Not Sleep... Is here!

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This is the release thread. The old pre-release thread is here.


Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
The City That Dares Not Sleep

It's out!!

Download for PC
Download for Mac

When's it out?
It's out now!

Watch the City That Dares Not Sleep trailer at GameSpot, or in the Telltale Blog!

Where can I see art from the game?
The season-wide trailer and stuff is on the official site. You can see screenshots and a trailer for episode 5 there too.

I demand wallpapers!
Sure, here's a wallpaper for you!

I demand reviews!
Tabstis has helpfully started a thread consolidating all reviews! You can see a select few in the blog.

Commence marketing: "An enormous, scaly, floppy-eared creature has put the city on high alert, and Sam assembles a crack team to stop him. To end the mayhem, they must venture … inside … the beast!

Featuring an all star cast of heroes and villains – you’ll be riveted to your seat with each thrilling twist, as you discover the crazed force that’s been orchestrating the madness. And you won’t want to miss the game’s truly shocking conclusion!"


So whoaaa we're all playing the finale now, yeah? What do you guys think?
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