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Sam and Max The City That Dares Not Sleep

posted by Akkml on - last edited - Viewed by 6.1K users
Okay I got featherly to lay the egg and have corndogs, however i am unable to get satan to go away so i can get the vegetable oil anyone have any ideas?
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  • What's that microphone shaped like?
  • Come on, that's the easiest one! You didn't notice that Satan drops the microphone when you tell him he's got a bald spot? What do you have in your inventory that is shaped similarly to a microphone? Think about it!
  • I'm stuck right now, I keep trying to talk to sybil but everytime I do Sam says something in his head to make her mad. I'm trying ot get the cockroach off the top of the shelf thing but even when i turn into that cylinder thing and bump into it nothing happens what should I do?
  • How do I get the cornmeal?
  • I'm stuck with the corn meal and such too... I feel like I'm just a trainer helping you know who do their weight lifting reps.
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