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Season 3 Soundtrack Waiting Thread

posted by SylvF on - last edited - Viewed by 34.3K users
Now that the last episode has been released, any chance the season 3 soundtrack will come out shortly? I love this song for this season's opener, and "Charlie Hotep" and all the various on those chants have been stuck in my head for weeks (This whole series has such great music. Bosco's theme hasn't left my ipod).

I also think it would be great if the soundtrack came out on itunes, because that would save me the agonizing wait time of several days for a shipped CD. But I'm not picky.
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  • What? Don't look at me like that! I actually want a CD Soundtrack to this season! It had a lot of great and memorable score pieces.

    My personal favs?

    Any and all of Noir Sam's themes...
    Practically all of the cutscene music from 302...
    Stinky's Sea Chanty loop...
    That funkadellic soundtrack to the opening of 305...
    Charlie's demonic piano medley...

    What are your favorite music from this season?
  • Jake;373351 said:
    Whooaaaa, opening edits ahoy!

    Season 2
    Season 3
    *makes a note to download these in the morning*
  • Jake;373351 said:
    Whooaaaa, opening edits ahoy!

    Season 2
    Season 3
    Woo! I love it! Thanks! :D
  • My favorite tracks from this Season are:

    *The Opening
    *Skunkape battle theme
    *The City Streets theme
    *The Disorient Express Themes (all 3)
    *Papierwaite battle theme
    *Sammun-Mak's Throne room
    *Both of Stinky's themes (before and after the clone siege)
    *The Cloning Chamber theme
    *All of Charlie's Piano songs.
    *The City streets theme (from 305)
    *All of the music inside Max's body
    *The End Credits Song.

    I really like all of the music from this season, but these ones are the most likely to get stuck in my head.
  • Main theme
    Stinky's Diner Theme
    The Sphunx Challenge
    The Big Reward
    Sammun-Mak's Throne Room
    The Docks
    The Streets from 305
    The Narrator's Theme
  • Opening Credits
    Skun-ka'pe's Battle Music
    Stinky's Diner Sea Shanty
    The Big Reward
    All the Noir stuff
    The Streets (Sammun-Mak's alternate reality desert remix)
    Charlie Ho-Tep's Songs
    Max's Workout Room/Legs
    Battle at the Cloning Facility
    Letting Go (aka the 305 ending credits)
  • "GAR Charlie Ho-Tep" will instantly be #1 on my playlist if they release a soundtrack for this season.

    Never would I have expected "Pop goes the weasel" could be made to sound so sinister by changing the words and instruments.
  • The Moles' Toybox Song!
  • Papierwaite's theme in 302 also pretty creepy. I love it.

    Oh and, the track played in the trailer of 305. I think it also plays in Skunkape's spaceship. Want.

    But please, release it before a possible shipping discount offer :<
  • -The main theme/BGM for Skunkape's ship
    -Papierwaite's boss music
    -The Egyptiany remixes from 303
    -The driving around theme from the Noir Sam part of 303
    -Charlie's demonic piano medley
    -The funky remixed opening from 305 (Did it remind anyone else of Space 1999?)
    -The ending credits piano piece
    -The triumphant fanfare version of "The Office" from the ending. I've been waiting for that to be released as an individual track as opposed to a random ten second segment of a separate song....
    -And the Mole's Toy Box song. Of course.
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