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Am i the only one who uses walkthroughs for this game?

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I have played all three seasons of sam and max and i didn't finish one, not even one episode without using the walkthrough at least once (okay, three or four times)

I am the only one?
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  • I needed no walkthrough for Season 3 - although one puzzle in 305 took me ages to figure out, and I felt kinda dumb afterwards...
  • I didn't get stuck once in 305, though that may be because I played it in 3 short bursts over 3 days
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I've played every single S&M episode and have used walktroughs/ hint system, I think, three times so far. The individual feeling of how difficult these games are is largely chance. You either get stuck or you don't, mostly because of one of these reasons:

    a) You did not find a certain hotspot/ collectable item/ exit into other area.
    b) You actually did not try something you were definitly sure you already did.
    c) You have to finish some conversation before you can actually proceed with the game.

    It can, and will, happen to everyone. :D
  • I think DoTT must be the hardest LA adventure.
    Not only do they got illogical puzzles, but across timezones.

    Game was great though, but I probably used a walkthrough 50 times...

    I agree. I started playing that game before drugs were available to me. It was waay too hard but I played it recently and it was piss easy except the last bit in the future.
  • I admit I use walkthroughs quite a bit when I play adventure games because I'm usually playing the games to experience the story (unless it's a game like Puzzle Agent or Professor Layton, where the puzzles ARE the game...I don't use a walkthrough for those). I give every puzzle a good shot and do my best to exhaust all my options but if it's gotten to a point where I'm completely stuck on something and the story isn't moving forward anymore, I'll pull up a walkthrough just to get me past that point.

    I did find myself using walkthroughs a lot less in Season 3, though. I don't think it's a case of the games getting easier, and unfortunately I don't think it's a case of me getting smarter either. I think the difference is that Telltale has done a good job of narrowing the space of disconnect between the player and the game. In previous games it was sometimes difficult to get into the heads of the characters and immerse yourself in the unique logic of the game's world. In Season 3, with its new features, powers and storytelling techniques, it was a lot easier to get into the characters' heads (literally in many cases).
  • 105 and 202 are the ones where I got stuck. And 203 in Jurgens night club when I couldn't figure out how to open that second secret passage. Other than that if I felt stuck I'd turn on the hint system for a minute to see if I missed something. I needed the hint system badly for the tomb of sammun-mak though.
    I avoid Walkthroughs as much as possible because they can ruin the story for me and I love surprises.
  • Used a walkthrough for all episodes of season 1 and 2, for Season 3 I used walkthroughs for 301, 302 (well, not all of it anyway), and 305.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Mooshiiii wrote: »
    'B' has happened to me a lot X(, but another reason, at least, it's a huge issue for me, is not knowing that the game alows me to do something/move somewhere.

    That counts as 'A'. :D
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