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Who else is sad?

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Unmarked spoilers here.

Sad about the ending, I mean.

I haven't felt like this since Frosty the Snowman died. I didn't actually cry this time, but I'm not four anymore, so...

Even though I know it doesn't matter, I still miss original Max, and the credits were really sad. I guess I'm too attached to these characters.
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  • Just remember, there's a Giant Sam AND Max smashing up wherver you go when you die.
  • A lot of characters died this episode, including max. But at least sam is happy to have another max. I really want another season! Keep making sam and max plz telltale!
  • The ending bummed me out as well. :(

    Not just because "real" max supposedly was vaporized. But because "new max" replacing him felt kinda tacked on. I don't know about you guys. But any seasons after Season 3, I won't be able to look at Max without thinking "That's not the real Max!!" Not to mention Sam so readily accepting this other Max as his new bestest little buddy.

    If there's another season, and it perhaps deals with time travel or alternate universes... maybe this could be fixed. What if, in an alternate universe, Sam never got his buddy back, and obsessed over bringing him back for the rest of his life? What if, an elderly Sam used a time machine to bring young Sam a machine that would bring back his ORIGINAL little buddy? Now that would be quite a hard choice for Sam to make. Stick with the new Max, or bring back the Max he's known his whole life? Would make for an interesting episode, or even season.

    What if the GHOST of Original Max somehow got merged with the soul of New Max? What if the entire multiverse was threatened by some unknown force, and all the Sams/Maxes from each parallel universe had to step in and save the last surviving plane of existence... OURS? What if all of their different incarnations' memories, thoughts, and spirits ended up merging with our heroes? There's so many ways this could be fixed, Telltale. I just hope it GETS fixed.

    Overall it was a great season. But the ending kinda ruined it for me. I'm just too attached to the characters. This is like when your childhood dog gets run over... Except your parents get you a new puppy, when the old one isn't even buried or COLD yet. :(

    Bad ending, Telltale. Bad. No after-season cake for you.

    P.S.: Positive note: Great job on working the season title into the dialogue. Seriously. I never would have guessed that would be the theme of the series. :)
  • I felt it was a very mature way to end the season.

    Except the death count was INCREDIBLE!
  • Yes, it's sad, but at the end... Yep, the apparition of past Max was a bit tackled, but I loved the fact the two comes from similar stories: Both just have seen their buddies blowing up, and they agree they better continue together, which is a lot better than alone. Yes, it's sad, but at the same time has a future, and I was happy they could continue after that. The Heroical sacrifice of Max was unexpected for me tough. It was, in a way, moving.
  • The two come from similiar backgrounds... I wonder if Max has just lived out a completely parallel version of the story. That would get rid of any possible explaining problems and would also reunite the two.
  • I was sad until I saw the time machine. The I just accepted it.

    I mean, hell, it's Sam & Max! Their universe is so messed up with continuity flaws and other randomness, that it just kind of had to happen this way, you know?

    Plus, alternate Max said that SAM was the one that got the psychic powers in the case they were on. Gotta love the parrellel universe concept.
  • I was sad until 204 Max came back, it's likely that they had the same adventures too, despite Sam gaining psychic powers.
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