One of my friends is wanting to get this game for his girlfriend's birthday{Shes into the point the click but wants to get her hands on this game. Turning 17 btw}. But however we{me and my friend} are a bit worried about the game because the game's rating. Its no where to be said. So whats the rating of this game?


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    There is no rating yet, but TTG will need one to sell on Wii. I would say it's probably a T.
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    Pretty much all TTG games are E10+

    (Everyone ten and up)
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    Age 17 should be fine. (I don't see this getting rated any higher than "T".) Nothing offensive, but the storyline gets a little heavy now and then. (Unless you consider chewing other people's gum offensive, which I certainly would.)
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    Sam & Max generally doesn't get rated on the PC for whatever reason, but the PS3 version (which is identical) is rated either T or E 10+ across the board. So basically, in movie terms, PG to PG-13.

    There's nothing in the games that you wouldn't see on Adult Swim or Comedy Central or something. No blood and guts... just weirdness!
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    I would say E10 is most likely, but has there been any T rated games given the rating for suspenseful moments?(Note without swearing or even sexual references)
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    iTunes rates it 12+, which basically means Teen.
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