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SPOILERS! What was your favorite ending?

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I say my favorite ending was the "Recall Crimefighting" ending it was just more funnier but both endings are good I just prefer the Crimefighting one.
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  • Zeek wrote: »
    Or they could have probably pulled a SpaceQuest on us where the third ending IS in the PC version, but in order to get it, you must pick Adventuring AND pick up Sam Jr. after getting Monster Max to eat Sal.

    Just a thought. I haven't tried it myself.
    I did that already. No luck. :(
  • Hm...I definitely got the Adventure/Sam Jr. ending on the PC after retrieving him from the dish, but ours was a review copy, so it's possible that something was changed for the final release.
  • Hell's bells! Telltale has denied PC users extra content AGAIN. >:
  • Is that a tune from the first season (which usually played at the end of each case) remastered in nostalgic and awesome glory?
    It's from the first two seasons. It first played to introduce them when they went on Myra! in 102, and it was played again when they blew up the Lincoln Memorial. I remember it went on for a little while at the end of 205.

    I think there was other music I recognised around the time Max teleported away, but I can't remember what it was. I just remember mentioning it in my notes, but I don't have them with me at the moment.

    I like the game music a lot.
  • Okay, I'm confused now.

    I played the PS3 version and I got the altered adventuring ending. Which is weird because I forgot to go back to the kitchen to get Sam Jr. after switching him with the corndog.

    Soooo, maybe the Sam Jr. ending is a PS3 exclusive?

    Putting that all aside, after looking up the crimefighting ending on youtube, I'd have to say I prefer the adventuring one. I can't say why exactly. Maybe it's because I felt the adventuring ending fit the mood better. Or maybe I just prefer the idea of Sam and Max traversing space and time together.
  • Maybe you get that ending if you don't pick up Sam Jr and choose adventure? That would make more sense than if you do, since he'd already be in your inventory in that case.
  • I think that the adventuring ending fits with the tone of the closing credits better, but it felt like such a downer even after the emotional yo-yo moment (possibly due to its apparent brevity) that I prefer the crimefighting ending much better. Just felt more like how a Sam & Max story should end after so much WTF (hint: with rapid-fire WTF).
  • what giant cockroach? Do you need to save Sam Junior to see it?
  • I think it always appears in the crimefighting ending. It's on the building to the left at the end.
  • I preferred the Crimefighting ending mostly due to this line by Max "I hear there's a new super-villain in town. His names The Banker, he's got a board game THAT KILLS!". I can see why people preferred the adventure one though I thought maybe the crimefighting one could of been more open ended, say something like Skun'kape or another villain turned up and hopped in the timemachine something that indicates that there is a possibility of a fourth season.
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