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Stephen Colbert is a Monkey Island FANATIC!

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In a recent interview with [insert name of interviewee here], a journalist who wrote a book about zoos, life as an animal in captivity, zookeepers, etc. the term "Monkey Island" came about, with reference to the zoo keepers "trying to create a Monkey Island" (paraphrased) for the monkeys to live on. They all swam away from the island. Stephen then made mention of "Escape From Monkey Island" and also later in the interview said something to the effect of "Monkey Madness", which is clearly a reference to the compilation disc of The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, and the playable demo of The Curse of Monkey Island.

In essence, in a single interview Stephen Colbert (directly or inherently) referenced all four Monkey Island games prior to Tales. Why no Tales? Clearly his writers were too busy staring at their recently acquired Emmys to do some proper research. The fact that Escape being perhaps the single least popular of all the games being the only one referenced directly by its full title only goes to support this. :cool:

If anyone knows the exact details of this interview, feel free to post it. I have it TiVo'd, just can't look it up right this second. Hopefully someone will or has already put it up on YouTube. The things I would do with that video clip..:rolleyes:
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