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Graphics for iPhone 4 Puzzle Agent!?

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Hi Telltale,

First, I'd like to thank you for bring Puzzle Agent over to the iPhone platform! It is always nice to see companies bring over innovative games to this iOS device. =)

I understand that it took quite a bit of work to adjust the graphics for the iPhone. Is there any chance that the Retina Display (iPhone 4, new iPod Touch) will be supported in an update to Puzzle Agent!? The iPad version of the game looks great, but the graphics on the iPhone version are not very good in comparison.

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  • I was wondering this too! I've already played the game on the PC, but I was going to buy it again on my iPhone 4. I refuse to do so until the graphics are Retina Display.

    Especially now that the new iPod Touch is coming with Retina Display, this should be a top priority.
  • I'm not fussed about instant Retina Display. I have an iPhone 4, I paid a lot of money for it and yeah, it would be nice if everything could be presented in sparkling high-res. But hey...a lot of games were in the works prior to its release and for whatever reason don't support it at this point in time. There are, afterall, more iPhones without so...I suppose developers must prioritise.

    Puzzle Agent sometimes looks good inspite of the lack of high-res. Other times, awful. But Touch Arcade revealed this today:

    "Update: We've been in contact with Telltale games and the artifact problem with the textures is indeed a bug. The dev team is away at PAX this week, and so will be looking into a fix for the problem next week and rolling out an update as soon as possible."

    I'm HOPING that this also takes into account the incredible blurriness of some elements of the game (log puzzle, map to name a couple...).
  • What are "artifacts" exactly? I read a few reviews that mentioned them, and that article also mentions them.
  • DrRocketGenius;375821 said:
    What are "artifacts" exactly? I read a few reviews that mentioned them, and that article also mentions them.
    An "artifact" in this sense is just something that's being displayed that shouldn't be there, or something that should be displayed that isn't there. For example, if when you're moving logs around for a puzzle, extra logs start showing up in strange positions, or the logs start turning into the bug icons from the bug puzzle, that would be an artifact. These are especially annoying in puzzles where you're supposed to see something that isn't immediately obvious, so you don't know if you're seeing something important, or if it's just a bug, er, artifact.
  • DrRocketGenius;375821 said:
    What are "artifacts" exactly? I read a few reviews that mentioned them, and that article also mentions them.
    Although I can't say with any certainty that it's what's happening in Puzzle Agent, the visual effect is similar to what you might see if you do a google image search for "jpg compression artifacts"

    Note the blocky regions that seem to have different blurring applied to their contents (which is what makes the edges of those regions visible in the first place). Most visible being the block edge that juts out above "ts" in the word "artifacts".
  • Please update the visuals for iPhone 4
  • I've attached a screengrab of the map screen on my iPhone 4. [Edit: been resized smaller by the forum software, but you can probably still make out how fuzzy it is]

    It is not even readable. The whole game looks like this - blurred and fuzzy, from start to finish. Telltale stuff is normally awesome, so this is a bit of a shock - it doesn't seem to have actually been tested at all, or does it not affect all devices?
  • On twitter Telltale has posted that they've submitted a fix for the pixelation bug to Apple, and are waiting for it to be approved. I don't think that suggests that they've updated the graphics for iPhone4, but it should at least clear up the obvious blurring
  • Hey everyone! Good news, the iPhone version of Puzzle Agent has been updated to improve the graphics on most devices! Download the update in the App Store now! Thanks so much for your patience!

    Note: If you are currently in the midst of playing through Puzzle Agent, we recommend that you complete the full game before updating. Save games do not carry over with update.
  • Alan Johnson;387548 said:
    WARNING: The update will render old save games un-usable since the update is essentially a new copy of the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you're not running into any graphical errors, we recommend finishing the game before updating as to not lose your game progress.
    This would have been nice to have on the app update information - I just updated my game without knowing this and now have to play through the majority of it again.
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