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Bring back full throttle?

posted by Da D Man on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Telltale has been doing alot of things with lucasarts lately it would be cool to see them bring back full throttle :D
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  • I happen to like the idea of this, but however I personally think Full throttle is one of those games that shouldnt be continued. Same goes for grim fandango. Besides I am aware that there was a sequel was planned, but however I'm happy that it was canned. Even if the creator of full throttle was part of the sequel I dont think it would do justice anyways.
  • StarEye wrote: »

    Of course, being one of the weakest LucasArts adventure games doesn't say a lot, since they're all so great. Only Sam and Max... are lower on my list.

    Are you trying to start a fight? :P

    And I would agree with your assessment of Time Schaefer's games except for...well... all of his games except FT. Haven't played his newest one so I can't really comment on that, but Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Psychonauts were all fabulous.
  • Full Throttle is fine just the way it is.
    No continuations, no alterate story lines, just leave it.
    People are picking up way too much story's that should be left alone.
    Accept the mystery.

    Let Telltale come with an original franchise for a change.
    They're ready for it!
  • I don't think the original story needs to be picked up on.

    However, I think there's a world here that can really be explored (and exploited) and Telltale could work wonders with having an original character in an original story.
  • As for who could really do a good impression of Roy Conrad, I heard this guy on CSI last night for the first time since Battlestar ended and I kid you not, Edward James Olmos does a perfect "gruff voice." I could hardly tell it was him until I saw his face.
  • I'd love to see a TellTale take on Full Throttle. Not to mention a modern-machine playable rerelease of the original (a "special edition" is hardly necessary).

    -The Gneech :cool:
  • The atmosphere about bikers and the future with hover cars and all that was really nice. Making a new Full Throttle over that world would be a really good idea, it don't really have to take place after the first one. But set some years after following a new "hero" and Ben could be mentioned, and a few talks about the first game could also come up. As some background history or something like that.

    That could work I think.
  • I'm still very much all-for this.

    Since I first posted in this thread Telltale has shown me that they can do a serious game, with serious adult subject matter.

    I was afraid that The Walking Dead would be toned down with swearing and quick cuts away to avoid gore, but Telltale has proven that they don't have to be all family-oriented all the time. And it looks like it has paid off.

    I'd still be very interested in seeing Telltale take on this license since Full Throttle, much like The Walking Dead does take itself seriously.
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