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What Happened???

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I got Sam & Max Season Three, but throughout the whole thing, I didn't see Bosco or Jimmy Two-Teeth!

What Happened??? Did they die???
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  • Bosco is in Las Vegas. I can't remember where Jimmy is.
  • ABlackEyedPea;374446 said:
    Bosco is in Las Vegas. I can't remember where Jimmy is.
    Do they even mention where Jimmy is?
  • I think they mentioned Jimmy briefly. They said it was "convenient" he was away, just as a Bubonic plague outbreak occurred which helped Max win another term as President.
  • Not quite. Its implied that Max paid Jimmy and his ilk to spread the bubonic plague in order to "bring the country together" so that they would vote for Max and so they are now on vacation.
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    bai_ganyo BANNED
    It is awfull. I was expecting Bosco to appear in the last episode, just like the office. I was actually pretty sure, both would be featured. Everybody likes them. Right?
  • I for one was glad they weren't in it. Their story arcs were pretty well completed in Season 2 and frankly, they aren't great characters anyway.
  • I think there's a pretty simple explanation to this question, guys. Bosco and Jimmy were both voiced by Joey Camen. Maybe he just wasn't available this season.

    I mean, I could kind of understand them not wanting to use Bosco again after his heavy presence in Seasons 1 and 2, but they created a whole new rat character (Frankie) for a role that they could have just as easily used Jimmy for. I'd guess they probably just couldn't get Joey Camen this time.
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